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Road safety advertisement that belittles the boy racers, 2007-06-28 09:16:43
It is the latest road safety campaign and there is not a mangled body in sight. Australian safety campaigners have decided to hit boy racers where they are vulnerable. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, driving, automobiles, boy-racers

An Affordable Highway-Ready EV for Under $30,000? Keep An Eye on the ZAP Alias, 2007-08-10 23:30:13
After announcing its plans to commercialize the 644-horsepower ZAP-X electric SUV, ZAP has another miracle up its sleeve. The Alias will be a zoomy two-seater with two wheels in front and one in back. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, zap, environment, lotus, climate-change, electric-car, global-wamring, emissions, sustainability, cars

15 Green Cars, 2007-08-14 17:30:25
The greenest way to get around? On your own two feet, of course, or on a bicycle, unicycle, skateboard, or public transit. But if you still find yourself in need of a car, these are some of the best green options on the market. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, cars, global-warming, eco, climate-change, green, biofuel, biodiesel, hybrid

Does Green Living Take an Effort?, 2007-08-16 17:00:46
With the ticking of the clock, the spell of global warming seems to increase. But, what are we doing as individuals to counterattack it. Ever given a thought? ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, global-warming, climate-change, cars, life, house, home, green, heat

China hails car trial a 'success', 2007-08-25 15:01:11
A four-day scheme that took 1.3 million cars off Beijing's streets reduced air pollution by 15-20%, officials in the Chinese capital say. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, china, cars, chinese, beijing, air-pollution

Biofuel Strikes Meat Prices, 2007-08-31 13:30:49
According to earth2tech, the UK agriculture sector could see the cost to feed animals double due to a rising demand of Canadian grain. This rise in demand and price can be traced back to the biofuel industry which uses the grain in ethanol production for cars. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, biofuel, climate-change, food, global-warming, prices, farming, canada, wheat

Norway cracks down on car ads: cannot be called clean or green, 2007-09-08 12:30:33
No car can be "green," "clean" or "environmentally friendly" according to some of the world's strictest advertising guidelines set to enter into force in Norway next month. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, norway, environment, cars, automobiles, advertising, green, clean, environmentally-friendly

Five Hot Cars From Frankfurt Motor Show, 2007-09-14 18:30:25
The experts at Road & Track have scoured the show floor, filtered through all of the media noise and found the best-of-the-best so that you can be in the know. Check out the following five hot picks from the Frankfurt Motor Show: ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, culture, trends, bmw, ferrari, porsche, shows, Lamborghini, jaguar

Stick it to Your Emissions!, 2007-09-19 15:30:35
You may have recently been driving your usual commute to work and thought as that sexy new Prius drove past you, how can my car help the environment without having to buy a new car? Well if you live in Ontario, I may have found a possible solution to that answer! ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, cars, sustainability, emissions, carbon, renewable, efficiency, clean-air-pass

Video: Celebrating the Volkswagen Minivan, 2007-10-07 18:00:44
Minivan owners and those that simply appreciate the vehicle are attending the three day "International VW Minibus" meeting to celebrate the vehicle's 60th anniversary. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, video, cars, volkswagen, vehicle, vw, minivan, minibus

Home Hydrogen Production ... An Emerging Revolution?, 2007-10-09 19:00:45
Considering that most driving is less than 25 miles per day, even this limited range provides a path (like with Plug-In Electric Vehicles) for moving from gasoline to electrical power. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, global-warming, oil, climate-change, cars, home, gas, green, transportation

Tell Toyota to Walk the Walk on Fuel Economy, 2007-10-11 20:00:39
The Union of Concerned Scientists and a number of other groups have been blasting Toyota for failing to endorse a strong boost to U.S. fuel economy standards. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, global-warming, oil, climate-change, cars, energy, gas, sustainability, toyota

World's Oldest Rolls-Royce Breaks Auction Records, 2007-12-06 19:30:37
The world's oldest surviving Rolls-Royce, which dates from 1904, was sold today (3 December 2007) by Bonhams for £3,521,500, breaking two world records. This is the highest price ever paid at auction for both a Rolls-Royce and a veteran car (pre-1905). ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, auctions, rolls-royce, antique-cars

Germans tighten car exhaust rules, 2008-01-01 13:00:56
Three German cities - Berlin, Cologne and Hanover - have introduced "environmental zones" to reduce fine particle emissions from traffic. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environmental-zones, fine-particle, emissions, cars, automobiles, traffic, vehicle, sticker, stickers

The $2500 Car debuts in India, 2008-01-11 17:30:27
The Nano's projected retail price: 100,000 rupees, or about $2554.00, which would make the new automobile the world's least expensive car. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, india, cars, tata-nano

The greening of Paris, 2008-02-02 21:01:54
In a dense urban context, cars are the most inefficient system of transport, creating traffic jams and needing more and more parking space. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, paris, green-culture, public-transportation-system, the-world-sustainable-award

Must See: China's Driving Dream and Its $6000 Car, 2008-02-07 13:02:24
As this recent must-see National Geographic documentary on driving in China reminds us (part 1 is above), China has fallen head over heels for the car. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, china, cars, pollution, gasoline, automobiles, petroleum

Spanish driver kills cyclist, then sues him, 2008-02-13 19:00:42
A Spanish driver who collided with a cyclist is suing the dead youth's family $29,300 for the damage the impact of his body did to his luxury car. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, car, spain, sues, cyclist, luxury-car

India's Tata backs air-power car, 2008-02-14 12:01:07
"An engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car in India that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all in towns." ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, world, cars, car, transportation

Mexico to only allow 1998 car models or older to be imported, 2008-03-04 09:30:22
Beginning Monday, only cars built in 1998 -- none older and none newer -- can be legally imported into Mexico. Car dealers were given notice only a month ago. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, us, environment, cars, mexico, texas, u-s, transportation, competition, imports

Top 10 Cars of 2008 According to Consumer Reports, 2008-03-20 12:30:25
The top 10 best cars of 2008 include for the first time one American car and the a few cars manufactured in Korea. Most of the cars that registered great results are from Japan. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, united-states, japan, cars, auto, korea

60 cars in motorway pile-up, 2008-03-26 05:30:17
Around 60 cars have been involved in a motorway crash, killing one person and seriously injuring five others in Austria today. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, 60, cars, motorway, crash, highway, austria, a-1, vienna, salzburg

Marking the Day When Running Our Cars on Starving Children Became Law, 2008-04-22 10:00:36
It feels appropriate that I should mark the day when the UK government makes it law that all petrol and diesel must contain at least 2.5% of biofuel in some way. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, food, children, cars, population, biofuels, u-k, starving

Driving an '06 King Kong - Cars in China, 2008-04-24 10:30:18
SHUANG MIAO, China — Li Rifu packed a lot of emotional freight into his first car. Mr. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, china, environment, economy, cars, autos, automobiles

Petrol sales fall 20pc as drivers feel the pinch, 2008-06-11 02:01:03
British motorists are shunning their cars following record rises in the price of fuel, the International Energy Agency said on Tuesday. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, prices, gas, sales, fuel, petrol


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