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Alfa May, Just May Return To US, 2007-07-07 06:09:58
Alfa Romeo is now officially slated to return to the United States in the Spring of 2009. Hoping that the 8C will be one of the first Alfas to arrive. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, alfa-romeo, us, fiat, Maserati, italy, america, cars

Mexico to only allow 1998 car models or older to be imported, 2008-03-04 09:30:22
Beginning Monday, only cars built in 1998 -- none older and none newer -- can be legally imported into Mexico. Car dealers were given notice only a month ago. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, us, environment, cars, mexico, texas, u-s, transportation, competition, imports

3 billion cars on the road by 2035 - is mobility as we know it sustainable?, 2008-06-18 00:00:56
Leading economic forecaster Global Insight has released a white paper exploring the potential future demand for vehicles to 2035. More Articles and Seeds From blinkin ...Bookmark tags: us-news, cars, gas, 2035, oil, us

They find a new home — their car, 2008-06-26 22:00:39
Los Angeles has the highest number of homeless people in the U.S., with an estimated 73,000 living rough. A survey last year of more than 3,000 of them showed that 250 were sleeping in their cars. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, cars, homeless

$100 for a Tank of Gas? Especially in an S.U.V., It's Hard to Say 'Fill It Up', 2008-07-07 12:30:29
With gasoline prices high and rising, a new financial milestone has arrived: the $100 tank of gas. ... ...Bookmark tags: us, oil, cars, america, gas, automobiles, suv, chevy-avalanche, overcompsen

Professor Ticketed for "No to Empire" Bumper Sticker, 2008-07-09 06:00:44
Professor Robert Ovetz was driving through San Francisco on the morning of June 30 when he saw the lights of a police car behind him. Ovetz pulled over. ...Bookmark tags: politics, us, cars, free-speech, driving

Democrats waver over offshore drilling ban, 2008-08-16 23:00:42
Under fire from Republicans, top Democratic politicians in the United States are considering lifting a ban on new offshore oil drilling. The issue is now at the forefront of the presidential election, as Republican candidate John McCain has made allowing new drilling one of the  … ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, economy, oil, energy, cars, gas, drilling, pries

The 65 mpg Ford the US can't have, 2008-09-05 13:00:59
If ever there was a car made for the times, this would seem to be it: a sporty subcompact that seats five, offers a navigation system, and gets a whopping 65 miles to the gallon. Oh yes, and the car is made by Ford Motor (F), known widely for lumbering gas hogs. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, britain, cars, ford, hybrid, automobile, fuel-efficient, econetic

Detroit Is Tanking, But Toyota's in Trouble, Too, 2008-11-15 00:00:27
Toyota's stock nosedived 17 percent last week -- its greatest decline in 18 years -- after the company announced it will see an operating profit of just $6.9 billion, a 73.6 percent decline over last year. ...Bookmark tags: business, cars, gm, toyota, automobile, environment, japan, us, stock-market, economics

Deer Jumps Cop Car--video, 2009-06-01 11:00:09
This is amazing! The deer is caught on dash cam jumping, and clearing the front of a cop car while in motion! ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, us, police, cars, nature, iowa, cops, deer

Cash for Clunkers Program Reportedly Suspended, 2009-07-31 11:20:04
Late Thursday night, reports that the Cash for Clunkers Program had been suspended sent car dealers scrambling to submit applications. The White House has responded to these claims that they program is canceled and... ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, economy, white-house, finance, cars, stimulus, economic, car-dealers, cash-for-clunkers

Honda Recalls Cars To Fix Fire Hazard, 2010-01-31 17:20:04
Toyota isn't the only Japanese carmaker struggling with a recall issue. Honda has an issue of its own. ...Bookmark tags: honda, cars, automotive, recall, us, united-states, us-news, recalls, fire

Detroit developing better fuel economy, 2010-01-31 17:20:08
Detroit-based Chrysler, Ford and General Motors were recently awarded almost $38 million by the U.S. Department of Energy for projects to increase fuel economy in their gasoline-powered passenger cars. ...Bookmark tags: automotive, cars, detroit, us, us-news, fuel, gas, gasoline, fuel-mileage, fuel-economy

The war on Toyota :: Terence Corcoran, 2010-02-04 17:20:07
There can be little doubt that Toyota, the world's greatest automaker in recent years, has become the victim of much more than another typical out-of-control All-American media frenzy. When top-line political gamesman such as U.S. ...Bookmark tags: politics, toyota, waxman, us, cars, lahood, obama, uaw, corporation, nationalists

BBC News - Brazil slaps trade sanctions on US over cotton dispute, 2010-03-09 02:20:07
The Brazilian government has announced trade sanctions against a variety of American goods in retaliation for illegal US subsidies to cotton farmers. The World Trade Organization (WTO) approved the sanctions in a rare move. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, us, congress, cars, Brazil, trade, sanctions, wto, us-congress, pressure

Are Boring Cars Bad?, 2010-04-12 07:20:08
If you really want to get under a car buff's skin, all you have to do is call their vehicle "boring." It's the automotive equivalent of telling a woman she's "plain jane" or a guy "you're sweet," and will either send the gearhead into a fit of rage or reduce them to tears. ...Bookmark tags: technology, us, brands, cars, bad, boring

Cancers from Environment 'Grossly Underestimated,' Presidential Panel Says, 2010-05-06 10:20:04
Environmental carcinogens are responsible for a far greater number of cancers than previously believed -- a fact that suggests eradicating these environmental threats should be a priority for President Obama -- according to the report of a presidential advisory panel. ...Bookmark tags: us, cancer, epa, tobacco, food, fda, health, air, health-care, military

A Two-Trick Pony From Ford: 305 Horses, 31 M.P.G., 2010-06-14 09:20:09
LESS than a single model year after it showed up for work, the 2010 Ford Mustang received a gold watch and a retirement package. ...Bookmark tags: us, ford, autos, cars, us-news, automobiles, muscle-cars, mustang, ford-mustang, duratec-v-6

Ford aims to reinvent Explorer, recapture sales, 2010-06-20 02:20:07
Ford Motor Co is counting on a leaner and greener makeover of its Explorer to find new buyers for a once hot-selling sport utility vehicle that powered the automaker's profits a decade ago. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, cars, autos, ford, automobiles, suv, trucks, explorer, sport-utility-vehicle

Why a $30,500 Mustang Beats $150,000 European Sports Cars, 2010-07-08 06:20:05
I have a $150,000 sports car in my parking garage, a handcrafted machine produced overseas in limited numbers. Next to it, I have a U.S.-made Ford Mustang GT, armadas of which will be sold for as little as $30,500. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, cars, autos, ford, mustang

What does it mean for a car to get 230 miles per gallon? - electric vehicles, Fuel efficiency, MPG, Plug-in hybrids, Volt | TerraPass: Fight global warming, reduce your carbon footprint, 2010-07-10 00:20:07
technology, cars, hybrid00 <img src="" style="border: none" alt="" width="16" height="16"Why a $30,500 Mustang Beats $150,000 European Sports CarsJul 8 - Seeded by TDRSource: Bloomberg.comI have a $150,000 sports car in my parking garage, a handcrafted machine produced overseas in limited numbers. Next to it, I have a U.S.-made Ford Mustang GT, armadas of which will be sold for as little as $30,500. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, cars, autos, ford, mustang

This IS His Grandfather's Bug, But Now It's Electric, 2010-07-31 13:20:09
If the Chevy Volt's $40,000 price tag sounds a bit too steep, you could always go the do-it-yourself route of Oregon teenager Ashton Stark. He just finished a year-long conversion of his grandfather's 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle into an electric car. ...Bookmark tags: us, cars, auto, automobile, volkswagen, electric-cars, vw, chevy-volt, vw-bug, 1972-volkswagen-super-beetle

Where's the Outrage?, 2010-09-10 18:20:05
The double standards and diabolic doublespeak are surreal, unbelievable. ...Bookmark tags: media, us, bush, football, white, new, oil, books, afghanistan, mexico

CURRENCIES: Dollar, Euro Up As China Data Boost Risk Appetite, 2010-09-10 18:20:09
The U.S. dollar and euro advanced on Friday against the Japanese yen and Swiss franc, as strong Chinese trade data reduced investors' demand for the low-yielding currencies considered among the safest havens by investors. ...Bookmark tags: rss, google, business, markets, us, dollar, new, nyc, china, financial - Vera Zvonareva beats top-seeded Caroline Wozniacki 6-4, 6-3 to reach 1st US Open final, 2010-09-10 18:20:14
NEW YORK –  Vera Zvonareva reached her second straight Grand Slam final, defeating top-seeded Caroline Wozniacki 6-4, 6-3 at the U.S. Open on Friday. ...Bookmark tags: us, bush, new, notre, vikings, sports?category=sports, congress, tuesday, tv, market


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