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Rinspeed Sensosphere, 2007-06-28 18:04:40
"The passenger and not the price and technology should be the focal point of an air journey," observes the head of Rinspeed, Frank M. ...Bookmark tags: technology, rinspeed, sensosphere, automotive, tuning, custom, cars, auto

Ferrari Visio Binoculars, 2007-07-07 06:09:55
Benchmarking itself against legendary Ferrari, William Optics has designed a pair of binoculars that are truly outstanding, elegant, yet lifetime-long in durability. ...Bookmark tags: technology, ferrari, visio, binoculars, automotive, gadgets, cars, auto

Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC, 2007-08-10 23:30:14
The inventor of BLUETEC technology is entering a new era with the new E 300 BLUETEC. On the back of positive experiences gained in the American market since the autumn of 2006, the environment-compatible BLUETEC diesel system is now also available in a passenger car model in the ...Bookmark tags: technology, mercedes, e, 300, bluetec, automotive, cars, auto

Lithium Ion Battery Cell for Chevrolet Volt, 2007-08-10 23:30:19
General Motors announced today that it will cooperate with A123System to develop a Lithium-Ion Battery Cell to go into the Chevrolet Volt. The technology for the new Li-Ion battery cell will be A123System's nanophosphate battery chemistry technology. ...Bookmark tags: technology, lithium, ion, battery, cell, Chevrolet, volt, automotive, cars, auto

Battery Pack for Tesla Roadster Deemed Safe, 2007-08-10 23:30:20
Tesla Motors announced that the battery pack that will power the Tesla Roadster has been deemed safe by the United Nations Safety Requirements. The rigorous U.N. ...Bookmark tags: technology, battery, pack, tesla, roadster, deemed, safe, hybrid, automotive, cars

Ford Sync, 2007-08-10 23:30:26
Ford Sync is a new technology developed by Ford in collaboration with Microsoft to make in-car connectivity more affordable. The Ford Sync is a fully integrated system that is voice-activated and works with most of the Bluetooth mobile phones and media players. ...Bookmark tags: technology, ford, sync, automotive, cars, auto

NASA BMW Hydrogen 7 Test Concluded, 2007-08-10 23:30:33
NASA prepared the Space Shuttle Endeavour to launch and finished testing the BMW Hydrogen 7 . The first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan, the BMW Hydrogen 7, has completed successfully an eight-week test period conducted by NASA. ...Bookmark tags: technology, nasa, bmw, hydrogen, 7, automotive, cars, auto

News: Proton Launches Persona Sedan, Proton Waja Replacement, 2007-08-16 09:00:46
Proton has launched its long awaited 1.6-litre Persona sedan at prices rivalling those of 1.3-litre cars. The Persona will replace the Proton Wira - one of Proton's highest volume sellers since 1993. ...Bookmark tags: technology, peninsular-malaysia, persona-sedan, volkswagen, proton-geb2, cars

Fiat Comfort Matic robotized gearbox, 2007-08-20 12:01:27
Fiat Professional will present at this year's Dusseldorf Caravan Salon a new generation of robotized gearboxes called Comfort-Matic. The Comfort-Matic gearbox combines the ...Bookmark tags: technology, fiat, comfort-matic, robotized, gearbox, automotive, cars, auto

Indian Company Releasing $2400 Car, 2007-08-20 22:30:29
If you thought your Kia was a cheap car, you obviously didn't buy it in India. A country with an exploding population of drivers, India has a red-hot market for cheap autos. ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, tata, plastic, car-safety, india, autos, drivers

Nissan Fuel Efficiency Gauge, 2007-08-21 07:01:53
Nissan announced that all new models will feature a Fuel Efficiency Gauge. The Fuel Efficiency Gauge provides information about both instant fuel efficiency and average fuel efficiency. ...Bookmark tags: technology, nissan, fuel, efficiency, gauge, automotive, cars, auto

Toyota Camry to Have VSC and Traction Control, 2007-08-21 16:30:43
All Toyota Camrys will feature VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and Traction Control as standard from August this year. ...Bookmark tags: technology, toyota, camry, vsc, traction, control, automotive, cars, auto

GEM electric vehicles are Clean Air Leaders, 2007-08-21 16:30:45
California environmentalists recognized the GEM electric vehicles (Global Electric Motorcars) as being leaders in bringing "green" technology on the market. ...Bookmark tags: technology, gem, electric, vehicles, clean, air, leaders, automtotive, cars, auto

Carbon Fiber Plastics for Auto Platforms Developed, 2007-08-25 02:30:49
Toray Industries Inc. has developed a technology with Nissan Motor Co. and others that will enable automakers to slash vehicle weight by using a lighter material to build car platforms, The Nikkei learned Thursday. ...Bookmark tags: technology, energy, cars, greenvine, plastics, carbon-fiber

What's next for the motor car?, 2007-08-27 09:00:52
In an exclusive extract from his new book on the greatest innovations of the 20th century, James May argues that the car has hardly changed since its invention, but is now on the brink of a great leap forward ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, greenvine, alternative-energy, electric-cars, henry-ford

Volt, hybrids, are GM's future?, 2007-08-27 20:30:38
Chevy Tahoe hybrid: The future of things to come from GM? ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, gm, hybrid

10,000 Miles per Gallon, 2007-08-29 11:30:20
The Loire Valley in France brings images of magnificent castles, breathtaking landscape, superb wine, and driving 10,705 miles per gallon (3,789 km/l). A team of students at the La Joliverie in Loire won the 2003 Shell Eco-Marathon race with this remarkable fuel economy. ...Bookmark tags: technology, france, energy, cars, greenvine, alternative-energy

Rumor: Apple talking with Volkswagen over 'iCar', 2007-08-29 15:30:33
Readers may want to take this one with a bag of rock salt, but German magazine Capital is reporting that Apple and automaker Volkswagen have engaged in early discussions over a concept car dubbed "iCar." ...Bookmark tags: technology, apple, computers, volkswagen, vw, cars, steve-jobs

Blogosphere Responds To Jaguar XF, 2007-08-29 21:30:44
The M.Y. 2009 Jaguar XF that is set to officially premiere at the Frankfurt Auto Show may just be underwhelming mid-range. It has hopelessly failed in its charge to save Jaguar. ...Bookmark tags: technology, jaguar, xf, cars, jaguar-xf, c-xf

Sandia Researchers Help To Make Cars Smarter, 2007-08-31 20:01:23
The augmented cognition research team at Sandia National Laboratories is designing cars capable of analyzing human behavior. ...Bookmark tags: technology, cognition, cars, military, darpa, sandia, researchers, vehicles, smart

Jaguar and Apple collaborate on car design - Engadget, 2007-09-01 10:30:36
Maybe there's something to those Apple / Volkswagen rumors we've been hearing after all. ...Bookmark tags: technology, apple, cars, autos, jaguar

2007 Frankfurt Motor Show: Car Makers Focus on Fuel Efficiency, 2007-09-06 07:30:39
All the big car manufacturers will show off their latest efforts to fight pollution at Frankfurt's motorshow next week by unveiling models with improvements rather than substitutes to the standard internal combustion engine. ...Bookmark tags: technology, frankfurt-motor-show, 2007-iaa, cars, green-cars, hybrid-cars, porsche-cayenne-hybrid, porsche-cayenne, sports-utility-vehicles, a4-v6

Video: House Panel Explores Coal To Liquids As Alternative Fuel, 2007-09-10 21:30:23
The hearing examines the status of coal-to-liquid(CTL) technologies and what additional research, development anddemonstration programs should be undertaken at the Department of Energy or other agencies to better understand the benefits and barriers to converting coal into transp … ...Bookmark tags: technology, global-warming, climate-change, cars, house, fuel, emissions, coal, hearing, vehicles

Rumor Mill: Apple and Volkswagen Team up to Produce the iCar, 2007-09-11 19:00:43
According to and, German magazine Capital (Google translation ) is reporting that Apple and Volkswagen are in an early stages of planning for an "iCar" that would incorporate techie products by the producer of the beloved iPod personal music player in … ...Bookmark tags: technology, apple, cars, volkswagen, compact, icar

High-Performance Bioethanol Volvo S80 Concept on Show at SEMA 2007, 2007-09-24 07:30:24
German tuning and motor sport experts HEICO SPORTIV has developed a spectacular high-performance version of the Volvo S80. ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, concept-cars, volvo-concept-cars, volvo-s80, ethanol, bioethanol


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