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An Affordable Highway-Ready EV for Under $30,000? Keep An Eye on the ZAP Alias, 2007-08-10 23:30:13
After announcing its plans to commercialize the 644-horsepower ZAP-X electric SUV, ZAP has another miracle up its sleeve. The Alias will be a zoomy two-seater with two wheels in front and one in back. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, zap, environment, lotus, climate-change, electric-car, global-wamring, emissions, sustainability, cars

Stick it to Your Emissions!, 2007-09-19 15:30:35
You may have recently been driving your usual commute to work and thought as that sexy new Prius drove past you, how can my car help the environment without having to buy a new car? Well if you live in Ontario, I may have found a possible solution to that answer! ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, cars, sustainability, emissions, carbon, renewable, efficiency, clean-air-pass

Tell Toyota to Walk the Walk on Fuel Economy, 2007-10-11 20:00:39
The Union of Concerned Scientists and a number of other groups have been blasting Toyota for failing to endorse a strong boost to U.S. fuel economy standards. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, global-warming, oil, climate-change, cars, energy, gas, sustainability, toyota

Video: Mississippi State University Wins Challenge X, 2008-05-27 16:00:57
Seventeen engineering teams from the nation's top universities were challenged by the Department of Energy in a groundbreaking four-year competition called Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, video, environment, oil, energy, cars, fuel, sustainability, engineering, biofuel

WIRED's Inconvenient Truth: Screw Organic!, 2008-06-04 14:30:26
I know, I know, its an old watered down topic but I gotta talk about it because there is some interesting and unusual ideas presented in this article. Smartly titled as Inconvenient Truths, the article presents Wired's take on the climate crisis. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, environment, oil, energy, cars, water, green, housing, sustainability, organic

Here We Go…, 2008-06-17 12:31:03
Okay so they aren't fully here, but get ready cause they're coming. It's only day old news but already this is a well known story, the Honda Fuel Cell is making its way to North America. ...Bookmark tags: technology, environment, oil, cars, gas, green, sustainability, carbon, automobiles, emissions

Luxury Mercedes, Luxury Green?, 2008-06-27 11:00:54
Theres a common cliche line that goes "If you want big rewards, you gotta take big risks". To some extent this is true, but if your big risk is setting a date to be completely fossil fuel free you better be ready to back that up. ...Bookmark tags: technology, global-warming, oil, climate-change, cars, gas, green, pollution, sustainability, emissions

How To Beat The Gas Prices, 2008-07-11 13:00:59
Okay so short of buying a Prius or getting your hands on the ever so hot Tesla Roadsters, you have to find ways to save gas with the car you have now. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, oil, climate-change, cars, gas, green, transportation, sustainability, emissions


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