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Emanuel Urges Aid for Auto Industry -, 2008-11-15 00:00:29
In his first televised interviews since being named the chief of staff for President-elect Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel on Sunday called for swifter action to lift the struggling auto industry and suggested Mr. Obama and President Bush might clash over a stimulus package. ...Bookmark tags: politics, obama, cars, auto, socialism, emanuel

Clunker Health Care, 2009-08-22 08:20:03
Now consider health care. The car program involved all of just $3 billion. Health care is a $2.4 trillion business, about 800 times bigger. And, let's be honest, ObamaCare aims to control as much of that as possible -- with or without the "public option." ...Bookmark tags: politics, barack-obama, congress, government, cars, taxes, socialism, socialized-medicine, obamacare, bureaucracy


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