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Women Who Find Ferrari Drivers Sexy Contribute to Global Warming?, 2007-12-22 14:30:40
We doubt this came up last week at the United Nation's conference on global warming in Bali, but Britain's top government scientist says the best thing women can do to ease global warming is "stop admiring young men in Ferraris." ...Bookmark tags: technology, climate-change, women, cars, sexy, enviroment, global-warning, cultural-attitudes

Jaguar Unveils the C-X75 PHEV Supercar (With 4 Electric Motors and 2 Gas Micro-turbines), 2010-10-01 15:20:03
"Sexy Beast: 205 MPH Top Speed, 68 Miles Electric Range ...Bookmark tags: environment, cars, car, sexy, different, active, jaguar, supercar, aerodynamics, phev

"Cars and Girls" - Vintage Auto Ads, 2010-11-10 18:20:06
""American Dream", as seen in the vintage ads ...Bookmark tags: history, cars, photography, advertising, photos, sexy, ford, ads, detroit, cold-war


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Concepts, Supercars, Tuning and Custom Cars, New models photo