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LEXUS Tops Again J.D. Power Survey, 2007-08-21 16:30:42
For the 13th year Lexus has topped the annual J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Survey in the US. The J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Survey measures ...Bookmark tags: business, Lexus, tops, j-d, power, survey, automotive, cars, auto

Lamborghini Reventon - Car Tuning and Modified Cars, 2007-09-14 06:30:36
Extreme €1,000,000 Lamborghini Reventon is present at the Frankfurt show. Lamborghini Reventon is a fighter jet inspired exclusive for special edition from 2008. This car is really amazing and it surely takes your breath away. ...Bookmark tags: sports, cars, power, ceo, 3d, accessories, Lamborghini, high-tech, bull, leather

Electricity From The Exhaust Pipe, 2008-06-04 11:30:20
Researchers are working on a thermoelectric generator that converts the heat from car exhaust fumes into electricity. The module feeds the energy into the car's electronic systems. This cuts fuel consumption and helps reduce the CO2 emissions from motor vehicles. ...Bookmark tags: science, energy, cars, power, renewable-energy, electricity, automobiles, enviroment, thermodynamics, power-station

Hummers top the list of cars that draw the most tickets, 2009-01-28 23:00:02
A yearlong study identifies the vehicle -- and it's a big one -- whose drivers get ticketed the most. The research suggests that what you drive may indicate how you drive. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, crime, police, cars, insurance, power, study, traffic, driving, survey

4 Reasons To Love the World Cup: Fast Cars, Billionaire Pawnbrokers, Non-Stop Sex, and Ronaldo, 2010-06-14 22:20:09
"These days being a soccer aficionado is akin to appreciating the subtle differences between Islay whiskys or knowing the most sought-after villas in Positano. ...Bookmark tags: sports?category=sports, money, sex, soccer, cars, italy, power, south-africa, fifa, lifestyles


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