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"The Concourse of Hypocrisy" (A cavalcade of gas-guzzling contemporary automobiles-- with hypocritical bumper stickers!), 2007-08-20 04:01:25
Excerpt: "The citizens of Berkeley, California pride themselves on being the most socially conscious environmentalists in the world. They also hate war, since every war these days is dubbed a "war for oil." ...Bookmark tags: politics, iraq, war, environment, oil, cars, satire, 9-11, california, pc

Video -- Pump Up the Volume: Energy Production & National Security, 2007-09-27 15:30:27
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL); David Hamilton, Director of Global Warming & Energy Programs, Sierra Club; Steven F. Hayward, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute; Andrew N. ...Bookmark tags: politics, oil, climate-change, cars, woolsey, sierra-club, kudlow, efficiency, energy, environment

Schwarzenegger Bans Smoking in California Cars with Kids - - Official Blog, 2007-10-15 01:00:59
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that will make it an infraction to smoke in a vehicle if someone under age 18 is present. California motorists will risk fines of up to $100 next year if they are caught smoking in cars with passengers under the age of 18. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, california, smoking, kids, schwarzenegger, arnold, bans

The New Bill, 2007-12-20 06:01:03
The US president signed bill that increases the efficiency standards of different car types to be produced by 2020. Does it mean we'll have no Hammers and SUVs in the nearest future? ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, bill

Global Warming's Communist Underpinnings And the MSM's Active Participation in Same, 2008-01-15 23:00:43
From the article: If you need any more proof that the concept of Global Warming is less "science" and is more just a replacement for the kind of failed concepts of communism and socialism that is increasingly being rejected by the world, two recent stories helps clarify the point. ...Bookmark tags: politics, global-warming, india, climate-change, cars, capitalism, communism, fast-food, tata, drive-thru-windows

Michigan Congressman Wants 50-Cent Tax Hike on Every Gallon of Gas, 2008-03-20 11:30:25
Polls show that a majority of Americans support policies that would reduce greenhouse gases. But when it comes to paying for it, it's a different story. ...Bookmark tags: politics, democrats, energy, cars, green, gas, fuel

Tiny cars may force cities to rethink parking, 2008-03-24 14:01:21
Smart cars, the teeny tiny two-passenger vehicles that have long attracted the attention of Americans visiting Europe, are starting to show up on the streets of the Bay Area, where they're likely to smash head-on into parking regulations designed for larger cars. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, parking, super-compact-cars

Another city going over to charging car drivers to use roads they've already paid for - congestion charging, 2008-04-01 09:30:23
Mayor Bloomberg's historic plan to charge drivers $8 to enter Manhattan below 60th St. won the endorsement of the City Council Monday night - putting Albany under the gun to make it law. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, tax, congestion

Why the Price of Gas is Going to Help the Economy, 2008-06-21 04:00:53
how high gas prices are good for the economy overall... ...Bookmark tags: politics, money, cars, taxes, jobs, gas-prices, dollars, american-economy, econmy

McCain pitches $300 million prize for energy innovation, 2008-06-23 19:00:34
Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) on Monday called energy security "the great national challenge of our time," and proposed to award $300 million to the person who can improve battery-powered cars. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, mccain, batteries, 08, 300million

Professor Ticketed for "No to Empire" Bumper Sticker, 2008-07-09 06:00:44
Professor Robert Ovetz was driving through San Francisco on the morning of June 30 when he saw the lights of a police car behind him. Ovetz pulled over. ...Bookmark tags: politics, us, cars, free-speech, driving

Uncle Sam loves his cars, all 642,233 of them, 2008-08-01 02:00:50
WASHINGTON - Americans love their cars, and so apparently does Uncle Sam. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, fuel, costs, same, uncle

McCain's Real House Problem, 2008-08-22 15:30:23
Like any limousine liberal, McCain prefers the symbolic gesture to walking the walk. In our News interview, he was asked what kind of car he drove. As with Politico's question about home ownership, he didn't know and had to ask a nearby aide. ...Bookmark tags: politics, election, mccain, cars, 2008, ptsd, houses, caddilac

College presidents spark debate on drinking age, 2008-08-22 18:30:23
College presidents want a debate on the possibility of lowering the legal drinking age from twenty-one years old. One problem is the feds have a law which effects a state's access to national highway funds when the drinking age is lower than 21. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, death, college, alcohol, beer, underage-drinking, car-accidents, auto-deaths, hang-overs

Ask Patty Blog - Car Sales and Politics - A Perfect Combination for Election Day, 2008-11-04 22:00:59
Regardless of whether you're voting for Obama or McCain, or what kind of car you drive, the important thing is that you start it up, drive it to the polls, and cast your vote. ...Bookmark tags: politics, obama, mccain, election, cars, shopping, vote, day, automobile, buying

DC metro now randomly police searches riders, will deter ridership, not terrorism, 2008-11-08 13:30:36
Washington, DC's Metro system recently enacted a random police search policy for its riders, citing increased security concerns for the decision. ...Bookmark tags: politics, dc, washington, metro, police, search, rider, terrorism, security, transit

Emanuel Urges Aid for Auto Industry -, 2008-11-15 00:00:29
In his first televised interviews since being named the chief of staff for President-elect Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel on Sunday called for swifter action to lift the struggling auto industry and suggested Mr. Obama and President Bush might clash over a stimulus package. ...Bookmark tags: politics, obama, cars, auto, socialism, emanuel

"There's a delicious irony of seeing private luxury jets flying into DC, and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands", 2008-11-20 07:00:06
There's a delicious irony of seeing private luxury jets flying into DC, and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands, saying that they're going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses. ...Bookmark tags: politics, auto, gm, ford, cars, bail-out, detroit, ackerman

ABC News: Bailout Dead, Automakers in Search of a Lifeline, 2008-12-12 06:00:02
us-news, money, finance, cars, auto, bail-out, auto-makers00 Corker's Plan: Trickle Down Economics For The Big Three9 hours ago - By Scott IsaacsSenator Bob Corker has, according to numerous stories, leaped to prominence in the Senate despite being one of the most junior senators because of his "innovative" plan to "save" the Big Three. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, auto, ford, gm, chrysler, general-motors, automakers, big-three

Red Flags as Washington Gears Up to Remake Energy Policy, 2008-12-15 07:00:02
The energy debate appears being fostered by people with yesterday's mindset. ...Bookmark tags: politics, energy, cars

Dude, where's my $700 billion?, 2008-12-18 06:00:26
Giving $700 billion to a bunch of Wall Street bankers was never overwhelmingly popular. Back in October, the weekend after Congress passed what was supposed to be an emergency plan to save the economy, only 40 percent of voters said they liked the idea. ...Bookmark tags: politics, economy, stocks, jobs, banks, billions, bush, wall-street, news, cars

Cretin or Crook?: George W. Bush, 2008-12-21 18:00:03
"So Bush throws a lifeline to the UAW and green lobby while throwing sound economics, the Constitution, and U.S. taxpayer under the bus. Part of me wonders if Obama really might not be worse after all? Click through and read the entire piece ..." ...Bookmark tags: politics, bush, president, economics, constitution, economy, obama, uaw, detroit, cars

Chevy Equinox expected to lead in m.p.g., 2008-12-21 20:00:03
Chevrolet expects its 2010 Equinox to be the most fuel-efficient compact crossover vehicle when the new model debuts with a projected 30-m.p.g. EPA rating at the North American International Auto Show in January. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, gasoline, bail-out, new-direction, 2models, on-sale-in-mid-2009

Mandelson outlines billions in aid for UK car industry, 2009-01-31 21:00:07
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has outlined a package of support for the UK's car industry which includes guaranteed loans of up to £2.3 billion for car manufacturers and suppliers. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, banks, banking-crisis, dr-blockbuster, rescue-package, mandelson, lord-mandelson, motor-industry, motor-manufacturing

Why You Can't Buy a New Car Online, 2009-02-16 09:00:03
Blame Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and the influential car-dealer lobby. ...Bookmark tags: politics, cars, bailout, lobbyists, reagan, cost, online-shopping, influence, dealers, favors


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