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Honda Goes Crazy With A Hot Wheels Racer, 2008-04-24 17:00:38
Even sensible Honda has a wild side. For a company that prides itself on the fuel-efficiency of its cars, a two-seater with a 20-liter V-10 seems somewhat out of character. And yet, what kid wants to play with a Hot Wheels car modeled on a Civic Hybrid? ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, honda, mattel, hotwheels

18 Iconic Products That America Doesn't Make Anymore, 2010-11-09 18:20:03
"Another American icon has bit the dust: Pontiac. GM is canceling the 84-year-old brand after winding down production over the past few years. Like other American automakers, it is restructuring and rebranding to compete with foreign companies. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, video, marketing, america, cars, interview, beer, dell, general-motors, mattel


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Concepts, Supercars, Tuning and Custom Cars, New models photo