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25 Geekiest Websites: No Geek Should Live Without These, 2007-12-07 15:30:24
Here's your chance to learn some cool new mod hacks or make your own laser surveillance system or if you prefer, you can learn clever new ways to modify your Wii console, so to get the edge on your opponent. Do you desire to become an urbergeek? ...Bookmark tags: technology, internet, video, video-games, web, games, cars, computers, gadgets, social

Best Deals Ever, 2007-12-09 14:30:28
WOW! this website has different categories, and when u click on one it actually takes u to a specific questions/answers page, its really helpful, check it out! ...Bookmark tags: technology, internet, security, cars, computers, fitness, gadgets, laptop, and, driving

IEEE Spectrum: This Car Runs on Code, 2009-02-06 21:00:02
technology, cars, computers10 <img src="" style="border: none" alt="" width="16" height="16"See Hackers Surprising New Tactic To Give You A Virus...From Your Car WindshieldFeb 5 - Seeded by newsguruSource: Yahoo! Tech - Daily FeaturesThe last place anyone would expect to face a computer security attack is on the windshield of their car in the form of a parking ticket. ...Bookmark tags: technology, internet, tech, cars, home, computers, website, pc, virus, malware

MIT projects that are set to revolutionise your life, 2009-04-22 07:00:04
Scientists often get a hard time from technophobes - not least because some of their research stems from the university of the bleedin' obvious. ...Bookmark tags: technology, internet, web, cars, research, future, it, robots

End of the Auto?, 2010-01-25 00:20:05
Perhaps the most fundamental social trend affecting the future of the automobile is the declining interest in cars among young people. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, internet, cars, iphone, blogging, future, teenagers, automobile, pedestrians, death-of-the-auto


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