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15 Green Cars, 2007-08-14 17:30:25
The greenest way to get around? On your own two feet, of course, or on a bicycle, unicycle, skateboard, or public transit. But if you still find yourself in need of a car, these are some of the best green options on the market. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, cars, global-warming, eco, climate-change, green, biofuel, biodiesel, hybrid

55 MPH: It's time to bring it back, 2008-02-07 13:32:01
A year ago we did a survey where we asked if it was time that we should all drive 55 again. While a plurality said yes, the majority said no and the comments were vociferously against it. Perhaps it is time to look at this again; much has changed in a year. ...Bookmark tags: travel, eco, ethics, greenvine, environment, cars, oil, development

Eco-friendly claims for 'hybrid' cars dismissed as gimmickry, 2008-05-18 18:30:16
Three models, including the Honda Civic hybrid, performed so badly in tests that their environmental claims were dismissed as a gimmick. ...Bookmark tags: science, environment, cars, hybrid, eco, vehicles


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