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Long Beach Could Allow Homeless To Sleep In Their Cars, 2009-08-27 13:20:05
LONG BEACH - Councilman Dee Andrews plans to propose making it legal for "economic refugees" to sleep in their cars. Existing municipal code makes sleeping or camping in a car, motor home, trailer or similar vehicle illegal, said Assistant City Attorney Mike Mais. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, drugs, legal, cars, homeless, illegal, prostitution, city, california-state

Decaying Detroit, 2010-05-28 01:20:22
"The city of Detroit has a very strange, wild appearance, in some parts like a city of ruins many years older than it actually is, where nature reasserts itself in vegetation that spreads over the city's crumbling structures. ...Bookmark tags: drugs, city, michigan, corruption, green, poverty, cars, detroit, photos, photography

China Plans Huge Buses That Can DRIVE OVER Cars, 2010-08-04 23:20:09
Article by suyesh bhandari at 2010-08-05 02:34:59 Categorized in Rants and Raves, Space/Science, ...Bookmark tags: china, money, energy, cars, traffic, Solar, city, train, electricity, coach


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