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Official BMW 1-Series Press Release, 2007-06-29 19:35:11
Thanks to the die-hard fans over at 1Addicts, the official BMW press release for the BMW 1-Series has leaked its way onto the internet a day early. ...Bookmark tags: business, canada, blog, cars, auto, car, automotive, bmw, 1-series, 128i

Eleven World Premieres from GM, 2007-08-17 07:00:50
GM announced the premiere of eleven new models for the European and global market: HydroGen4 fuel cell vehicle, Volt electric car, Opel/Vauxhall Electric car concept, ...Bookmark tags: business, hydrogen4, fuel, cell, vehicle, volt, electric, car, concept, ecoflex

56 Corvette, 2007-10-02 09:41:53
Back in 1956, most of America’s roads were still covered in dirt, there were only 168,903,031 people in the country (about 121 million less than in 2002), most families, if they had any cars at all, had only one, and Congress was still debating the Interstate Highway Act. No American had ever heard of Honda, Toyota, or Nissan, and Volkswagen’s success was but a pinprick irritant to Detroit’s Big Three. And in 1956 General Motors was the biggest, most successful company the world had ever seen. With annual sales of $13 billion, GM was twice the size of the second largest company, Standard Oil of New Jersey ...Bookmark tags: gm, Corvette, 56, cars, car, auto

55 Corvette, 2007-10-02 09:46:30
The Corvette engineering corps wanted more power. Corvette advertisers wanted more power. Corvette aficionados wanted more power. The Ford Thunderbird team…well, they probably would have preferred that the Corvette stick to its Blue Flame Six engine for another few years at least ...Bookmark tags: 1955 Chevrolet Corvette, 1955, Chevrolet, Corvette, auto, autos, car, cars

2009 TDI: The Jetta That Does Not Stink, 2007-10-18 20:30:34
When you say diesel-powered cars, auto shoppers will equate it with soot-spewing and stinking vehicles. But that was a thing of the past. If you can still remember Oldsmobile lineup in the 1980s, you will agree that diesel cars do stink. ...Bookmark tags: blog, cars, auto, car, automobile, volkswagen, diesel, vw, volkswagen-ag, tdi

2008 NIssan Skyline GT-R is Superfast, MegaCool, 2007-10-21 15:01:06
It beat the Corvette, Mercedes, and a Porsche. Now it's shooting for the record books through a key indicator in the production model speed race. ...Bookmark tags: travel, cars, automotive, car, autos, automobiles, nissan, vehicles, concept-cars, skyline

Concept Cars Going Green, 2007-10-24 01:00:51
Toyota first demonstrated a futuristic hybrid concept vehicle at the Tokyo Auto Show in 1995. The car, which consisted of an electric motor connected to a regular gasoline engine, was called the Toyota Prius. ...Bookmark tags: technology, tech, environment, cars, auto, automotive, car, green, autos, vehicles

What is the worlds most tunable cars., 2007-11-22 03:30:50
Which car gives the greatest power increase for the lowest amount of money? ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, auto, car, engines, car-tuning

Used Cars, 2007-11-27 11:00:59
Excellent offers on Used Cars in the UK ...Bookmark tags: cars, auto, car, used-cars, used-car

Car fetishist jailed over 'sex act', 2007-11-28 15:00:54
Lots of men like cars but one motorhead has taken things to a new level after being found 'pleasuring himself' on a car roof. Oh dear. Sandy Wong was discovered masturbating on roofs of classic cars on display at the Home and Garden Show, in Edmonton, Alberta. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, cars, car, fetish, sandy-wong

Nuance Speech Now Available through Ford SYNC in Twelve 2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Models, 2007-11-30 10:30:35
Nuance Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: NUAN) today announced that Nuance® speech solutions are being shipped within Ford SYNC™ for twelve Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models for 2008. ...Bookmark tags: technology, microsoft, cars, car, ford, speech, Mercury, lincoln, sync, speech-recognition

World's Biggest Playstation Unveiled, 2007-12-05 12:30:25
It's the world's biggest playstation. The engineers have the latest version of Gran Turismo plugged into it, haven't they?… ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, car, playstation, sony-playstation, simulator, gran-turismo, driving-simulator

Skeptics Doubt We'll See ZAP's $30K Electric Sports Car in 2009, 2008-02-02 11:31:26
A California company known for its funky, electric commuter cars says it will break into the high-performance market with a 320-horsepower, three-wheeled sports car by 2009. Industry insiders wonder what these people have been smoking. ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, auto, car, hybrid, automobile, electric, sports-car, lotus, tesla

Spanish driver kills cyclist, then sues him, 2008-02-13 19:00:42
A Spanish driver who collided with a cyclist is suing the dead youth's family $29,300 for the damage the impact of his body did to his luxury car. ...Bookmark tags: world-news, cars, car, spain, sues, cyclist, luxury-car

India's Tata backs air-power car, 2008-02-14 12:01:07
"An engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car in India that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all in towns." ...Bookmark tags: world-news, environment, world, cars, car, transportation

Submarine Roadster, 2008-02-15 05:30:35
The sQuba is an all-electric vehicle with three motors, one to drive the car on land and two to power a pair of screw drives for underwater movement. ...Bookmark tags: technology, cars, car, rinspeed-squba-concept, submarine-car

BMW to increase US car production, 2008-03-10 21:30:15
Analysts say that by building more vehicles in its South Carolina plants, Munich-based BMW can pay less wages in euros and will also save money by sourcing locally for parts used by its US factories. ...Bookmark tags: business, cars, auto, car, jobs, bmw, workers

$5.20 a Gallon? America's Priciest Gas, 2008-03-28 08:01:29
Five dollars and 20 cents for a gallon of gas. The number says a lot. Yes, it may be the most expensive gas in America. But $5.20 doesn't begin to explain essence — the rich, off-beat, some might say, eccentric, essence of Gorda, Calif. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, cars, california, car, oil-prices, gas, gasoline, gas-prices, 520, gorda

Targeting Hobbiests: Without Warrants, Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Harass Participants, and Issue Tickets To Generate Revenue, 2008-04-08 08:00:39
Nine police agencies in Riverside, California sent more than one hundred police officers to surround a gathering of automotive enthusiasts. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, police, cars, car, motor-sports, enthusiasts, autocrossing, car-club, riberside-california

Baretta Wisdom and the Highway Patrol, 2008-05-26 11:30:15
A middle-aged man recounts his days of being "cool" as a teen while ditching a highway patrol officer in Northern California. ...Bookmark tags: history, cars, car, aging, highway-patrol, middle-aged, west-marin

The 3000 Mile Oil Change Myth, 2008-06-17 11:30:24
According to a recent study by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, 73 percent of California drivers change their oil more frequently than required. This same scenario no doubt repeats itself across the country. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, cars, car, autos, waste, engine, myth, consumption, engines, sensor

The best Honda ads from the past few years, 2008-07-12 13:30:20
Setting the bar in advertising. ...Bookmark tags: technology, tv, environment, global-warming, oil, cars, car, prices, green, plane

10 Most and Least Expensive Cars to Insure, 2008-07-27 02:00:47
If you want to cut your auto insurance premiums to the bone, stay away from small, fast cars. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, economy, cars, auto, car, insurance, cheap

Ron Paul : This Bailout Won't Be The Last, 2008-09-19 22:01:00
As Dr Paul said, this entitlement also called a bailout, will not be the last.. ...Bookmark tags: business, government, cars, car, wall, street, paul, ron, intervention, manufacturers

Wis. man digs homemade car out of basement, 2008-11-04 22:30:23
MADISON, Wis., Nov. 4 (UPI) -- A Wisconsin man who built a replica Lamborghini in his basement said he had to hire an excavator to dig the sports car out of his home. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, film, cars, movie, auto, car, autos, automobiles, garden, automobile


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