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Cars are disapearing from Britain's roads., 2008-06-21 20:00:42
DRIVERS are slowing down, staying at home or turning to bicycles in a bid to combat rocketing petrol prices. ...Bookmark tags: travel, britain, cars, cycling, speed, motoring, distance, fuel-costs

The 65 mpg Ford the US can't have, 2008-09-05 13:00:59
If ever there was a car made for the times, this would seem to be it: a sporty subcompact that seats five, offers a navigation system, and gets a whopping 65 miles to the gallon. Oh yes, and the car is made by Ford Motor (F), known widely for lumbering gas hogs. ...Bookmark tags: us-news, us, britain, cars, ford, hybrid, automobile, fuel-efficient, econetic

Good News Wednesday - Fuel Crisis Resolved (in 1965), 2009-02-25 17:00:03
You've got to check out theses cars made in the 1960s. Could they resolve some of our fuel crisis problems? Probably! Also street crowding would be to a minimum....and traffic speeds.....well....... ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, economy, britain, cars, good-news-wednesday

The cars that nobody wants - Telegraph, 2009-03-21 12:00:03
The cars that nobody wants. An industry mole is leaking sensitive and revealing documents – not that I'm complaining. ...Bookmark tags: business, economy, britain, uk, cars, autos, credit-crunch

Two cars he's too young to drive, a jetski, and £20,000 blown on his birthday ... is this Britain's most spoilt teenager?, 2009-03-27 03:00:04
The economic downturn hasn't affected plans for Jordan Smith's forthcoming 17th birthday one iota. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, britain, spolit, teenager, dickenson, student, 17-year-old, jetski, quad-bikes, cars

1,000mph Bloodhound car will have superwheels when it tries to break land speed record in 2012, 2010-11-14 10:20:03
The British Bloodhound car will need "bullet-proof wheels" when it tries to break the land speed record in 2012. ...Bookmark tags: technology, britain, uk, cars, uk-news, united-kingdom, automobiles, great-britain, british-news, andy-green


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