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Russian car on gigant slim DUBs

Russian car on gigant slim DUBs

Russian car on gigant slim DUBs

Russian car OKA in Lambo style

World's Best Car Alarm

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A car manual dies – and so does a woman, 2007-10-19 14:30:34
Two stories in The Times on Tuesday, only three pages apart, told a similar tale. One with obvious comic implications, the other with tragic ones. Both were about dealing with modern teenagers, and both were about cars. ...Bookmark tags: home-garden, Humor, cars, death, uk-news, accident, cell-phone, humour, driving, mobile-phone

Stupid Criminal Behavior: 10 Things Criminals Should Not Do, 2007-11-19 14:30:25
Not everyone is meant to be a criminal mastermind. Would you be better at a life of crime than these people? ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, Humor, crime, cars, police, suv, cops, criminals, license, dumb-criminals

The Future of Cars and the Entrepreneurs that Create Them, 2007-11-27 06:30:50
We won't all be driving around hovercars any time soon, but the developers of new cars like the Venture Vehicle and Phoenix are being innovative. The field of designing cars is a risky one and these entrepreneurs are risking lots of money and fame by investing into them. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, news, Humor, cars, future, phoenix, interesting, vehicle, bizarre, entrepreneurs

Dr. Smitty, please report to service bay #2, 2008-06-05 08:30:18
Taking your car in for repair is a lot like bathing a temperamental, still very much clawed cat. You avoid it at all possible costs. ...Bookmark tags: odd-news, Humor, cars, life, writing, comedy, fun, writers, living, column

Simultaneously Destroying and Subsidizing the Auto Industry, 2009-05-19 14:00:04
The Obama Administration has announced new fuel-economy regulations and emissions rules that will boost the cost of new car by at least $1300. ...Bookmark tags: politics, video, Humor, cars, emissions, regulations

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